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Our History



1980- Winter is a busy time of year for us in our greenhouses as we prepare for the coming Spring!

This is a photo of Jennifer helping Mom (Lidy) with transplanting cactus seedlings.

Jennifer is using a pencil to pick out the fragile little plants. She passed each cactus plant to Mom so that she could plant them into another container. We don't grow cacti from seed anymore.  Instead we focus on growing quality Bedding Plants, Hanging Baskets, and Vegetables in the Spring!



1979- Amsterdam Greenhouses and Garden Centre’s land was purchased as an open field in 1979 by founders, Lidy and Ron Kok.  At this time the family home was built, followed by the construction of the first poly greenhouse.  Over the years, more greenhouses were built for wholesale bedding plant production.


THE 80'S

1982- A section of the greenhouse space was converted into retail garden centre space in order to accommodate the demand from the community for a place to buy quality plants.

1984- In order to appease the growing demand for a retail garden centre, Lidy and Ron decided to build a dedicated garden centre structure.  Over the years they successfully became a destination for quality plants and garden products, as well as becoming known for their superior customer service.



2017 - Ron & Lidy's son, Jason, together with his wife Lindsay, purchased the farm in order to keep it in the family and continue operating it as a thriving wholesale greenhouse & retail garden centre operation.  They both feel strongly about offering organic and locally grown plants, and providing gardening information and education to the people in our community and beyond.


2019 - Over the past 40 years, Amsterdam Greenhouses and Garden Centre has become both a complete, year-round garden centre as well as a wholesale producer of quality plants.  They pride themselves in their exceptional customer service and wide range of high quality, home-grown and local products.  The Kok family and their employees work hard to make sure that their customers are successful at gardening by offering seminars, workshops and events for all ages and all types of gardeners.  

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